Dinner Church

Rooted in the ancient traditions of Jesus’ disciples, members of the Bethesda community gather together for a meal. While dining together, a team leads the group through Christian liturgical elements, including worship music, live visual art, and a short message. In the midst of the homey ambiance of the meal, people learn about God and grow closer to each other.

Dinner Church is a desire to see the gospel as both proclamation and social engagement. Dinner Church feeds the sociological aspects of discipleship—what it means to seek holistic transformation. Dinner Church is about ministering to the whole person in tangible ways, not just ministering to the mind.

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Sunday Forum

During Learning Hour, adults gather in the Parish House Living Room for a rotating topical conversation on subjects related to justice, anti-racism, creation care, and connections to local and global ministries.

Bible Study
Every other Wednesday @ 8am on Zoom

Join with a small group that discusses in-depth different books of the Bible and also explores broader themes found throughout Scripture.