We’re pilgrims now




Companion Synod Trip

We’re pilgrims now

 11 January 2016


Enjoying the environs of the Mt. of Beatitudes on the Sea of Galilee

Yup, we’re pilgrims now.


We are sightseeing and site seeing.



We are exploring food tastes (so many types of bread, for example), changes in climate and topography.



And we are together in this, all in, teasing, laughing, groaning, and exploring.


Grateful for our guide, Sa’id, dropping us off at the Sheikh Hussein Bridge to Jordan.

We are far, far away from home.


But, like buildings shaped by weather throughout the years, we are also being formed by our pilgrimage.






The ancient pilgrims’ map unearthed in mosaic tile, in Madaba, the largest Christian city in Jordan.



Maggie Dawn says that the difference between a tourist and a pilgrim is that, while a tourist travels to get away from it all before going back to reality, a pilgrim is transformed by the experience and returns home changed.




That’s it. We are learning about how the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized and given identity at God’s Son, then sent out to his ministry, can also send us out.  All the while knowing that the small dirty narrow somewhat flowing water is heavily guarded by Israelis on one side, and Jordanians on the other.


On a baptismal retreat by the Jordan River, led by Pr. Rolf Pearson, administers the Lutheran site at Bethany Beyond the Jordan.


But we are here in Jordan and being shaped by it.  We are returning to Jerusalem to understand how the tiny Lutheran community is vital to society.






We are a small band that share an experience rooted in how so many have explored places important for biblical tradition, in order not to simply be entertained, but to know something of the holy.


You could call them, and us, pilgrims.


That’s John and Steve on the bus. We’re happy.

Two more days on the journey.  And a lifetime.

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