Street Girls Project, Pangani Lutheran Children Center

Bethesda Church has committed itself to support the Pangani Lutheran Children Center in Nairobi, Kenya, in its effort to help fight the scourge of AIDS in Africa.

The PLCC serves over 80 girls ages 5-12 through providing education, food, clothing, social work care, health care, and, for some, housing.

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Our plan of action

Endorsed by the congregation council at its February 2005 meeting.

Over the next 5 + years, Bethesda Lutheran Church will:

  • Maintain a consistent, regular communication with the PLCC, its students and staff.
  • Pray for the students, staff, and work of the PLCC each week
  • Financially support the PLCC with a minimum contribution of $6,000 per year
    • Through soliciting the support of Bethesda Parishioners to support one or more girls per year (starting contribution: $525.00)
    • Through hosting one special Bethesda Music Series benefit concert per year
    • Through enlisting the help of all of Bethesda’s faithful, children through elders
    • Through collecting special contributions for the PLCC four times a year
    • Through partnering with other local organizations, and seeking matching funds

Already we have begun our relationship with the PLCC in the following ways:

  • Through e-mail correspondence with the Director of PLCC, Mary Mshana
  • Through sending the PLCC almost fifty (50!) Christmas Cards!
  • Through sending the PLCC an initial contribution of over $1250!