First Aid Group

Prepare to Save Lives: An AED and CPR Program at Bethesda

Click here to learn how to use Bethesda’s defibrillator in case you observe an unconscious person with no pulse at church. Anyone can use the AED, which is located near pastor’s office!

When a heart stops, the first minutes are crucial. Would you like to learn life-saving first aid, including CPR and use of an Automated External Defibrillator? On-site defibrillators are the most effective tool for restoring life! Bethesda recently purchased an AED with support from our Mission Endowment Fund. Talk to Lars Gjerde, who is an EMT and a nurse, about joining or supporting a group of personnel trained in resuscitation. The goal is to make our building even safer and more hospitable for the hundreds of people who are enriched here every week! 

An account has been set up dedicated to “First Aid Group” and donations can be accepted for maintenance of this program. Make checks out to “Bethesda Lutheran Church.” Future possibilities as an extension of the program could include by-stander CPR/first aid training for people who might be interested. Preventive healthcare presentations would be another prospect.

Resources: (American Heart Association, info on CPR) (Initial Life Support Federation) (Basic CPR training video)