Sunday School

Sunday School is scheduled from 10:50-11:50 AM
Snack and Music: 10:50-11:10 AM,
Class time: 11:10-11:50 AM

1) Music: Nora and Chris Lee
2) 3-5 years old: Nora Lee
3) Ages 8-11: Gail Labadia
4) Confirmation: Pastor Keyl, Chris Lee, Susan Wentzy

Each Sunday after worship children age 0 through grade 5 gather to make music, hear stories, and learn about being a Christian through Bethesda’s thriving Sunday school program. Right after the benediction all the children enthusiastically run to the choir room to make music together. They learn favorite Christian children’s songs, hymns, and prepare to lead Psalms and other parts of worship throughout the year. Following this music time, they split into age appropriate classes. Babies and toddlers together with their moms, dads, or caregivers enjoy a special time of fellowship in a child-safe environment. An ever-growing library of sturdy board books with colorful Bible stories is shared and families get to know each other. Preschoolers through second graders enjoy a class taught using a Montessori-inspired, Godly Play informed curriculum. They hear stories, play with their new ideas and find ways to express what they learn in a variety of media. The third through fifth graders study Bible stories and worship traditions in more depth with an exciting rotation and variety of volunteer teachers. Several times per year families gather on Saturday evenings to enjoy pizza and a movie together in our Parish House. Other events may be planned, including hay rides in the fall and sledding in the winter. Bethesda families actively participate in an ecumenical Vacation Bible School each August. We welcome new and visiting families each Sunday!

Bethesda’s Family Ministry Calendar: SPRING 2016


3          No Learning Hour (LH)

15-17   Families @ CALUMET

31        No LH: Annual Meeting. Nursery will be provided.


 6          Super Saturday: 4:45

14        Music: Kids will lead the psalm

21        BERGS at Resurrection (??)



20        Intergenerational Sunday: Craft-making, fellowship & lunch after worship. Collection for ElCA World Hunger: God’s Global Barnyard during worship. ELCA uses these money to purchase animals and resources around the world that will “provide families with food, funds and fertilizer—all for a better future.” BERGS at Bethesda: Serving Others Through Vocation

26        Dyeing Easter Eggs (10 AM at the Campanius Room). Confirmants will be part of the Easter Vigil (afternoon and evening)

27        Easter! Music: Kids will lead the psalm. No LH


17        Music: Kids will lead the psalm. BERGS at Emanuel Theology of the Cross and Glory


8          Mother’s Day. No LH

15        Music: Kids will lead the psalm. Pentecost: Pot Luck (No LH)

22        BERGS at Good Shepherd: Stewardship of Money

xx        2nd Super Saturday (TBA)


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