Groaning in Gaza

Groaning in Gaza








Psalm 38: 6-9 I am utterly bowed down and prostrate; all day long I go around mourning. For my loins are filled with burning, and there is no soundness in my flesh. I am utterly spent and crushed; I groan because of the tumult of my heart. O LORD, all my longing is known to you; my sighing is not hidden from you.

The violence in Gaza and Israel is untenable. The infrastructure of Gaza, where movement is severely restricted and whose population is 1.8 million, is damaged. Water treatment workers are on hold due to the danger, and health centers are challenged. Lutheran World Federation’s Augusta Victoria Hospital treats citizens of Gaza who are transported to the site on the Mount of Olives, the place where Bethesda gets olive oil that benefits the Poor Fund. Along with other aid organizations, Lutheran World Federation put out a plea for a ceasefire.

This plea has been echoed by our companion synod, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Holy Land, with even more pointed language about how this eruption of hostility affects Palestinians.

There is vitriol being spewed by all sides. I pray that leadership will emerge that seeks rapprochement for land and governance, building society, rather than destroying it.

New England Synod’s Bishop Jim Hazelwood reflects on our global partners in crisis in his latest blog. I commend it to you.

Praying for peace, with justice.

 Tim Keyl


Bethesda Lutheran Church

New Haven, Connecticut

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