Good Lent Devotions for Lent 1

Good Lent

First Week of Lent

February 2018

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The word in Old English for springtime was “lencten,” from which we get our word Lent. Indeed, the season of Lent fits surprisingly well in the springtime of the Northern Hemisphere, for Lent is the time for Christians to embark on a unique journey. We have seen the glory of Christ on the mountain of transfiguration, and we realize that we must begin the journey together. We need to head out of winter, into the beginning of spring, and up to the mountain of God. We need to be moving toward the flowing water of the streams that God gushes out.

–from Welcome Home: Scripture, Prayers, and Blessings for the Household, Year of Mark (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress, ©1996)


I remember first coming to Vermont to interview to be a pastor there in 1993.  In May, that far north, there were fewer colors in spring than where we were currently living in Northern Virginia.  There was green, on trees, on grass, on plants, and that was just about it.  We saw lilacs, forsythia, more lilacs, and more forsythia, but the season was about a month behind Virginia.


Virginia’s spring was more like a burst of fireworks.  Cherry blossoms on the Washington Mall. Crocuses, tulips, daffodils, magnolias, hyacinths were all breaching the dirt.  And it was very appealing to the eye.


But by the time we lived in Vermont, the change, while still muted, was welcome.  Even the term mud season meant that with rain and melting snow, something more beautiful was in store.


The earth making its transition relates very well to our own souls, our inner selves, and our commitments to others in Lent.


How are you beginning the journey?  Are you noticing change? Inviting change? Resisting change?


I invite you to make this a Good Lent.  What is stirring inside of you that will promote new growth, beauty, and a good heart?


Pastor Tim Keyl

Lent 1

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