Companion Synod Trip 2016 Open Spaces and Closed Doors

Companion Synod Trip

Open Spaces and Closed Doors

 8 January 2016


The Jordan River Valley


There is a vastness to the area we are in, as long as you are up high, and can get perspective.







Visiting with Pr. Imad Haddad, at his home in Ramallah.


There a warmth to the people we have met that sinks into you, as there is always coffee served, and a genuine welcome to homes, churches, and shops.






The separation barrier shutting down Jericho Road.


But barriers are also ubiquitous. Walls that close down access roads. Checkpoints that only slow us down, while they prevent others from getting to work or from visiting family.




Municipal infrastructure, employment, transportation, and the ability to succeed are all dependent on your identity, and where you live.

For we who are visiting, being American means we can go anywhere in this country.


With Pastor Ashraf Tannous at the Lutheran Church of Beit Sahour.


And for we who are visiting, we choose to meet our Palestinian partners in the Gospel, to join in solidarity with them, face-to-face.  We share love and laughter.  We share in lament and injustice.  We break bread and make plans.




Nothing is impossible with God.


We are in the Galilee, which is soaked with the history of civilization, layers upon layers of people who called this land home.  Rather than conquering it and hoarding it, we have also seen glimmers of hope in people whose dream is to share it.


Overlooking Haifa near the Bahai Gardens.

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