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Happy Pascha

Happy Pascha Pascha is both a strange and inviting term, capable of carrying a new and surprising understanding of the feast.  –from Holy Things: A Liturgical Theology, by Gordon Lathrop, I’m appreciative that I’ve dabbled in language study.  As a trained singer, I like to say that I can sing in any language! Knowing Greek […]

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Join the Parade

 Palm Sunday leads to the Passion.  Join the parade! Okay, I confess it.  In high school, I was in the marching band.  And I liked it.  I liked the shapes that our formations made.  I liked being rowdy in the stands.  I liked being a part of something that I could belong to.  And I […]

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Truth in the flowers

  Can a flower be truth?  Seriously, can the crocuses and daffodils that are breaking through the soil hold truth? I’d like to think so.  The Springtime Arab Revolution holds the promise of a new way for citizens who have lived under fear, who were repressed, who were buried beneath power-mongering regimes. The unfolding drama […]

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Midway through pilgrimage

I have been known to say that “forty days,” as in forty for Lent, forty years in the desert, forty days and forty nights on the ark is biblical shorthand for “a long time.” Today marks the 20th day of Lent, midway, halfway. With our winter being slammed with snow, and this week still cold, […]

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Ash Wednesday at Union Station 030911

Dusting at Union Station in New Haven

I extended myself on Ash Wednesday by driving to the New Haven Train Depot, Union Station. I parked the car, dressed up in my alb and purple stole, poured ashes from the plastic tub to a pottery bowl, and strode toward the entrance. I had company, or a partner in crime, as it were. Pastor […]

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The Beginning

We are up and running!

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